Cable Clip Instructions

What's In The Packaging

Cable Clip Bodies

#10-24 Torx Screws

Magpul M-LOK T-Nuts

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Begin by threading the included Torx screws through the Cable Clip bodies, onto the M-LOK T-Nuts.

2. Install your Cable Clip an an open M-LOK slot.

3. Tighten the Torx screw to 12-inch pounds of torque. For a detailed guide on the M-LOK installation process, see the official Magpul instructions below.

WARNING! To prevent damage to your Cable Clip or handguard, do not overtighten! Do not use a power tool to install the Handbrake.

4. Seat your device cable/wire flat against the Cable Clip channel opening.

5. Apply downwards pressure until the cable snaps into place and is fully seated and secured in the cable clip channel.

When properly installed, the cable should slide freely back and forth within the channel.

If you are having difficulty installing the wire into the cable clip channel, try starting from the front opening and lightly pushing down into the remainder of the channel until fully in place.
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