Handbrake Mini (M-LOK) Instructions

What's In The Packaging


Handbrake Mini


#10-24 Torx Screw (Pre-installed)


Magpul M-LOK T-Nut (Pre-installed)


2" T-25 Torx Driver Bit


Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Begin by placing your Handbrake in the desired M-LOK slots on your rail system. Be sure the Handbrake is fully engaged and flush with the rail.

2. Using the included T-25 Torx Driver and a screwdriver or torque-driver, hand tighten the Handbrake screws to your rail system with no more than 18-inch pounds of torque.

WARNING! To prevent damage to your Handbrake or handguard, do not overtighten! Do not use a power tool to install the Handbrake.

For a detailed guide on the M-LOK installation process, see the official Magpul instructions below:

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