The get the most out of your R2-0, follow the instructions carefully.

R2-0 is a 4-in-1 tool that mounts directly to your Geissele scope mount. Our instructions will first cover the installation of the tool on your mount, then we will discuss each tool feature.


  1. Orient the tool underneath the scope mount nuts, with the clamp end of the tool pointing forward (towards the front of the scope).
R20 Instructions

2. Snap the clamp end onto the cylindrical base of the forward nut, engaging at an upwards angle.

R20 Instructions
3. Pivot the hook side of the tool upwards, and snap it into place around the base of the rear nut.

If your R2-0 is new, the tool should be a very tight fit and should have zero play.

R20 Instructions

A properly installed R2-0 will secure tightly to your Geissele mount and will not shift or pop off, even under intense recoil.

R20 Instructions


1. Push downwards on the top of the tool at the rear (next to the small flathead driver) applying gradual pressure until the hook slips off the base of the rear nut.

Warning: Please exercise caution as to not catch your fingers or hand on the nut of the scope mount.

R20 Instructions
2. Pull the clamp rearward off the base of the forward nut at a downwards angle and the tool should come free and is now ready for use.


1/2” Hex Socket
  • Can be used to tighten the scope mounts 1/2” hex nuts. Do not tighten past 72 in-lbs. !
1/4” Hex Socket
  • Most 1/4″ hex screwdriver bits will be compatible with this socket. Can be used for multiple tightening applications, such as scope mounting caps). Do not tighten past 20 in-lbs. !
Internal Bit Storage:
  • Carries a 1/4” hex screwdriver bit (1″ or less in length).
  • Use the window on the top of the tool to push out and remove an installed bit.
  • The R2-0 ships with an included T15 Torx bit pre-installed.
Flathead Drivers:
  • Two flat head drivers (One large and one small) can be found on the top and bottom of the R2-0. Only use these to adjust optics and other aiming devices. Do not attempt to tighten scope mounting lugs with these flatheads.

If you have any questions or are unable to complete the installation, please contact support.

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