Handbrake (Picatinny) Instructions

Important: Before installation, ensure the hex nuts are fully seated in place and not tilted in their sockets.

    1. Slide the Handbrake onto your Picatinny rail to your desired mounting location. Be sure that the screw ports are lined up with the open slots on your rail.
    2. Apply blue threadlocker to the provided screws (optional, highly recommended).
    3. Push the screws through the Handbrake screw ports, until they make contact with the hex nuts on the other side.
    4. Using a T20 Torx bit, tighten the screws one full screw turn.
    5. Push Handbrake rearward (away from the muzzle). This puts your Handbrake in the optimal position to prevent movement under recoil.
    6. Fully tighten the screws to 15-18 inch-pounds of torque. If your Handbrake is still loose on your rail, carefully increase torque to 20 inch-pounds.
    7. Inspect the Hex nut side and make sure the screws have fully engaged all of the threads on the hex nuts.
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