Alternator for ModButton™ Lite


Alternator is a three-button switchboard and housing that sits on top of two ModButton™ Lite switches. The simple yet intuitive design provides the end-user with both single and dual device activation capabilities.

  • Instantly boost your laser or weapon light functionality
  • Gain critical multi-function control of your devices
  • Slim and low-profile design keeps your handguard organized
  • Front and rear switch buttons designed with ramped angles and unique textures for easy identification
  • Made in USA
  • Patent pending
Custom Icon Requires two (2x) ModButton Lite switches to function.
Sold separately
Emissary Alternator Hero

Enhanced Modbutton Capabilities

Alternator’s design provides a center button that activates two Modbuttons simultaneously, while front and rear buttons allow for individual Modbutton activation.

Experience Alternator

Try each button to simulate device activation
Emissary Alternator Hero

ND protection built-in

Available in two models, Standard Fence and Raised Fence. Both incorporate fences surrounding the activation surfaces, providing protection against ND/AD. Raised Fence models have increased protection for harder use-cases.

Drop-in design

Utilizing the existing hardware from the Modbutton lite, the Alternator is plug-and-play by design

Emissary Alternator Hero

Custom Icon Requires two (2x) ModButton Lite switches to function. Sold separately.


Standard Model

Emissary Alternator Hero

Raised Model

Emissary Alternator Hero


Nylon polymer

Nylon polymer

Heat resistance



Picatinny span

6 slots

6 slots


2.3" (59mm)

2.3" (59mm)


1.2" (30mm)

1.2" (30mm)


0.7" (19mm)

0.8" (20mm)


0.38oz (11g)

0.42oz (12g)

Picatinny icon

Built for Picatinny

Compatible with Picatinny handguards

American Made

Made in the USA

100% American made with American materials


Lifetime Warranty

Our guarantee covers any manufacturers defect

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