Paddle Shifter Kit for Streamlight TLR-7A


  • High-performance upgrade switch for Streamlight® TLR®-7A weapon lights
  • Allows for high-grip shooting and optimal hand placement on a handgun
  • Supports both momentary and constant light activation
  • Features optimized serrations and grip angles
  • Fits most holsters
  • Compatible with a wide array of handguns
  • Durable, lightweight construction
  • Made in the USA
  • Patent pending

Note: Lights with a manufacturing date of 7/22 or newer are not compatible as of now. We are working on an updated model that will address this issue.



Paddle Shifter

For Streamlight TLR-7A Style Weapon Lights

Drop-in kit is a direct replacement for the stock Streamlight TLR-7A switch

Allows you to maintain complete
control of a pistol while activating
a weapon light

Facilitates intuitive, natural
switch manipulation

Interchangable and cross compatible.
Use either standard, extended or a mix.

Handgun Compatibility

Paddle Shifter for TLR7-A is compatible with nearly all handguns.

Holster Compatibility

Fits nearly all holsters. View our holster compatibility list for more information.

Weapon Light Compatibility

Streamlight TLR7-A

Streamlight TLR7


Streamlight TLR7 Sub

Streamlight TLR9

Streamlight TLR8-A

Streamlight TLR10

Important: Streamlight has released an updated tailcap design as-of July 2022. Any light that has a manufacturing stamp of 7/22 or newer is not compatible as of now. We are working on implementing an update to address this issue shortly.

⚠ Don't see your light listed? Contact support for more information.





Nylon polymer

Nylon polymer

Installation Tool Included


0.51" (13mm)

0.75" (19mm)


0.72" (18mm)

0.75" (19mm)


0.24" (6mm)

0.24" (6mm)




Streamlight icon

Built for Streamlight®

Compatible with most TLR-7A® style weapon lights

American Made

Made in the USA

100% American made with American materials


Lifetime Warranty

Our guarantee covers any manufacturers defect

Streamlight®, the Streamlight® logo, TLR-7®, and all uses of Streamlight® product names are trademarks of Streamlight, Inc. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

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