Prior to installation, the NANO Carrier should be ‘broken in’ to provide the proper retention for your liking. New NANO Carriers may be stiff making installing/removing the NANO tool difficult. Follow these steps to break in your NANO Carrier before installing it on a rail:
  • To break in your NANO Carrier, simply push the NANO fully into the slot, then remove it. Repeating this process will reduce the tension on the fitment channel to your liking.
  • If the NANO is too difficult to remove with your hands, use a tool (Allen-key, screwdriver, the tip of a bullet, etc). Placing the tool into the NANOs lanyard hole and lever it out of the slot.
  • Repeat this process until the NANO securely locks it into place but is still able to be removed by hand.
  • Keep in mind that you can use this method to remove the tool if the NANO ever gets stuck in the carrier after being installed on a gun, helmet, stock, etc.


  • Slot the provided screw through the port on the NANO Carrier, thread the M-LOK nut on the other side and follow the M-LOK installation guide from Magpul below. Use a T25 Torx bit for installation.
  • Do not tighten past 10-inch pounds.
  • To prevent walk-out under recoil, Threadlocker is recommended.
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